About us
We are a Russian manufacturer of sports equipment, operating since 1995. The main specialization of production: facilities and equipment for gymnastics and acrobatics - trampolines, acrobatic tracks, minitramps, exercise equipment, wrestling mats.

The extensive experience of the company in the production ensures the high quality of our products at the best price for the buyer. One of the important objectives of the company is to meet the European parameters assessment of products - this is confirmed by certificates for our products. We - the only company in Russia, which has a certificate for the production of FIG acrobatic tracks.

The company provides the equipment professional sports facilities competitions of national and international level, sports schools, training facilities and bases. Many secondary schools produced using our equipment for sports and physical culture. Among the projects implemented in 2013 - gymnastics hall at the Universiade in Kazan and the World Gymnastics Championships in Moscow. The company "Acrosport" produces and supplies equipment for sports events of international and national sports federations: the International Gymnastics Federation, the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline Federation of Russia and others. Implementing a lot of important initiatives for the development of the sport, we remain courageous experimenting now, in many respects are innovators and pioneers.

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